” A Sacrifice” Movie Premiere This Thursday Casting: The Dutch Agency


A Sacrifice is one thing we all have to make one time or another in our lives. However, some sacrifices are Bigger than others. Mobster children Victor and Reno Giovanni are no exception. Growing up with parents of Sicilian and African American descent, the boys eventually found themselves living the lives of young Mobsters. At the ages of 12 and 14, Victor and Reno began working for Mob Boss Vinnie Stanalucci after their father, Donaldo, is killed taking a bullet for him.


Because of Donaldo’s long standing friendship and loyalty to Vinnie, Vinnie makes an oath to always protect the Giovanni Family. As time goes by, Victor and Reno soon find themselves in the opposing position, fighting to make change. With the unsolicited help from female street-hustling, neighborhood friend Passion, with a story of her own, they begin to weigh the seriousness of their dilemma.

To truly Know these African American-Sicilian brothers, is to know why one must make A SACRIFICE. Not only for themselves, but for and throughout the city of Atlanta, and its surrounding counties.